The right company

This is how you ensure that you really get your money when you invoice without having your own company

Invoicing without having your own company as egenanställd is a popular and well-functioning reform in the labor market which today enables thousands of people to take on various types of assignments.

But the Association must make you aware that we are currently seeing a large number of unscrupulous actors. We see that they do not follow laws and regulations and that several of them are financially on the ropes, which means that there is a high risk that you will not receive your money. If you are used to reading income statements, you can see for yourself at Please note that more companies buy “credit ratings” to make it look better, don’t fall for it!

To protect yourself, choose only those egenanställningsföretag that have this logo on their website;
it gives you protection that you really get your money because the Association requires orderly finances and compliance with laws and regulations to be a member.

How do I know if it's too good to be true?

But I’m only going to invoice a few thousand kroner?
If the egenanställningsföretag that has deducted your tax and employer contributions does not do so, you will be personally responsible for paying it a second time. In addition, by choosing an actor who does not follow laws and regulations, you risk benefiting an unhealthy part of the labor market.

2 – 4% is very cheap, isn’t it?
If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. The industry body has calculated that in order to afford to have the skills required to comply with all laws and regulations, the minimum amount that self-employment companies must retain is 5% of the fee billed.

Do you know that you are entitled to benefits?
For example, you have the right to sick pay if you get sick and you have the right to be covered by liability insurance which means that the client does not come and demand you personally for compensation in the event that something goes wrong when you are carrying out the assignment. You are also entitled to personal insurance that covers financial loss if you are injured at work. You must also have the right to set aside money for an occupational pension, all workers in Sweden do that, because for some it is time for a pension and then it is nice to have something to live on.
So to be sure – invoice without having a business with companies that have authorized LOGO.

Authorized egenanställningsföretag

An authorized egenanställningsöretag means that it has received a quality seal from the Association. The purpose of this mark is to make it easier for you to choose a safe egenanställningsföretag that is there for you.

The authorization means that you have chosen an egenanställningsföretag that takes responsibility and complies with labor law laws and regulations, has been in existence for at least one year and has no tax liabilities. The authorization is a prerequisite for egenanställning to continue to be a positive reform and contribute to a sustainable working life in the Swedish labor market.

The authorization of the egenanställningsföretag is done by the Authorization committee, an independent body within the Association.

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As the form of employment becomes larger, the Association has observed that there are new players coming in who use the concept of egenanställning.

Some of these actors do not live up to the requirements that exist to protect you as an egenanställd person, e.g. ensuring that you have a fair salary, are covered by the necessary insurances and comply with labor law laws and regulations.

We invite you as egenanställd to reflect on what is important for you to achieve a sustainable working life.

To support you in this, the Association has developed questions you can ask yourself with advice from the Association.

If your self-employed business goes bankrupt, there is no guarantee that you will get your money. The Association have found, that several new players who call themselves egenanställningsföretag have financial difficulties, which increases the likelihood that they will go bankrupt.

We therefore recommend that before joining an egenanställningsföretag ensure that the company has good finances and stability so that your money is secure.

You can compare the finances of the various egenanställningsföretag under key figures at

Being insured when you work is important for your security. We urge you to ensure that your egenanställningsföretag takes out insurance that covers you in the event of an accident. You should be covered by an accident and service group life insurance in case of personal injury, as well as liability insurance to protect against liability in case something goes wrong.

Yes, egenanställda are entitled to sick pay according to the Act on Sick Pay provided that the requirements for this have been met.

It is the egenanställningsföretag’ responsibility as an employer to comply with the Act on Sickness Pay and to pay compensation in the event of illness as prescribed by law.

The egenanställningsföretag, you and the client have joint responsibility for your work environment. The egenanställningsföretag is your employer and i.e. not an administratively involved party. The egenanställningsföretag must conduct systematic  environment work and work preventively and remedially to create a good and safe organizational, physical and social work environment for you.

Your egenanställningsföretag needs to be available and able to provide you with expertise and advice regarding questions about your work, from handling expenses to employment law. It is especially important that the egenanställningsföretag is available to you in the event that you have an accident.

In addition to feeling good here and now, you need to feel good after active working life and having a good economy is a prerequisite for that.

Today, around 90% employees in the Swedish labor market have an occupational pension, and for many 25–50% of their total pension consists of the occupational pension.

Not all egenanställningsföretag set aside or offer the possibility of setting aside for an occupational pension today. We recommend you to plan ahead and think about your time after active working life.