The Association has brought together small and large self-employed companies from all over Sweden. This contributesd to a good representation of the wide and varied occurrence of “egenanställning” and, by extension, a good understanding of different conditions and needs.

Benefits being a part of The Association

As a member of the Association, your “egenanställningsföretag” is given the opportunity to participate and influence and improve the labor market for the “egenanställd”. It is also a way to strengthen the legitimacy of”egenanställning” and also contributes with a validation of your company vis-à-vis the “egenanställd”, business and decision-makers.


Becoming a member

The Association welcomes new members who meet the conditions for membership. The application is made by sending an application form to, after which the board makes an assessment as to whether the company can be accepted. The assessment is based on the labor law definition that is the basis for the view on “egenanställning” as well as the membership requirements stipulated in the statutes and authorization conditions. Through the link below you can download the application form or contact us for more information.

Authorization conditions

The Associations activities are regulated by the statutes drawn up in connection with the formation of the organization in 2012. In order to be authorized, the applicant (the “egenanställningsföretag”) is required to fulfill specially established authorization conditions.

The purpose of the conditions is to create security for the “egenanställd” and contribute to ensuring that only serious companies operate in the industry. The authorization board is the body that determines whether a company meets the requirements stipulated in the authorization conditions.