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Here you will find answers to most questions regarding self-employment, self-employment companies and the trade association. If you have any further questions, you are most welcome to contact us.


Egenanställning is a form of employment that allows private individuals to control their own work without starting their own company. The egenanställd is employed by a egenanställningsföretag and pays A-tax. The egenanställd also have the right to claim statutory rights such as employment benefit according to LAS, sick pay according to the Sick Pay Act and holiday benefits.

An egenanställningsföretag is a company that ultimately has to manage an employment law responsibility and thus the risk that comes with it. You can compare an egenanställningsföretag to an insurance company.

An egenanställningsföretag is obliged by law to compensate its egenanställda for various damages that occur.

In practice, this means that the egenanställningsföretag has to act in accordance with the Work Environment Act, the Sick Pay Act, the Contracts Act, the Holidays Act, the Employment Protection Act to name a few of the laws or about 22,000 pages of legal text that concern an egenanställningsföretag.

If your self-employed business goes bankrupt, there is no guarantee that you will get your money. The Association have found, that several new players who call themselves egenanställningsföretag have financial difficulties, which increases the likelihood that they will go bankrupt.

We therefore recommend that before joining an egenanställningsföretag ensure that the company has good finances and stability so that your money is secure.

You can compare the finances of the various egenanställningsföretag under key figures at www.allabolag.se

Being insured when you work is important for your security. We urge you to ensure that your egenanställningsföretag takes out insurance that covers you in the event of an accident. You should be covered by an accident and service group life insurance in case of personal injury, as well as liability insurance to protect against liability in case something goes wrong.

Yes, “egenanställda” are entitled to A-kassa according to the Unemployment Insurance Act, provided that the requirements for this are met.

Yes, egenanställda are entitled to sick pay according to the Act on Sick Pay provided that the requirements for this have been met.

It is the egenanställningsföretag’ responsibility as an employer to comply with the Act on Sickness Pay and to pay compensation in the event of illness as prescribed by law.

The egenanställningsföretag, you and the client have joint responsibility for your work environment. The egenanställningsföretag is your employer and i.e. not an administratively involved party. The egenanställningsföretag must conduct systematic  environment work and work preventively and remedially to create a good and safe organizational, physical and social work environment for you.

Your egenanställningsföretag needs to be available and able to provide you with expertise and advice regarding questions about your work, from handling expenses to employment law. It is especially important that the egenanställningsföretag is available to you in the event that you have an accident.

In addition to feeling good here and now, you need to feel good after active working life and having a good economy is a prerequisite for that.

Today, around 90% employees in the Swedish labor market have an occupational pension, and for many 25–50% of their total pension consists of the occupational pension.

Not all egenanställningsföretag set aside or offer the possibility of setting aside for an occupational pension today. We recommend you to plan ahead and think about your time after active working life.

About the Association

The members are a collection of small and large “egenanställningsföretag” from all over Sweden that want to increase knowledge about “egenanställning” and to strengthen legitimacy vis-à-vis decision-makers.

Overall, the Associations versatility creates a good insight into different conditions and needs.

The associations purpose is to:

  • Increase knowledge about “egenanställning”
  • Work for good conditions for “egenanställningsföretag” as well as for the “egenanställda”
  • Monitor the members’ interests vis-à-vis authorities and the outside world, for example being obvious referral body and industry representative in government commissions
  • Be a forum for industry representatives to meet and exchange experiences
  • Work for that “egenanställning” is considered a form of employment and thus
    covered by accompanying benefits
  • Work towards  authorization of “egenanställningsföretag”

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The Association has brought together small and large self-employed companies from all over Sweden.

As an “egenanställd”, you automatically become a member of the Association if the “egenanställningsföretag” you signed up to is a member.

Our members

“Egenanställningsföretag” apply for membership by submitting an application to the Association.

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