a job-creating solution in the modern labor market

The traditional Swedish work model has successfully regulated the relationship between employer and employee and still today constitutes a good foundation to build on. However, the modern labor market creates new needs and challenges. With “egenanställning”, we modernize the Swedish model and meet the new needs posed by the changing labor market. This without renouncing good working conditions for the “egenanställd”.


Are you a “egenanställningsföretag” that want to be involved in promoting the position of “egenanställning” on the Swedish labor market?
Here you can read more about our industry and how you as a “egenanställningsföretag” proceed to become members of the association.


“Egenanställning” is a way of organizing work where you, as a private individual, can take on assignments and conduct business without your own company. At the same time, you can feel confident that, among other things, employment contracts, payment of wages and employment insurance are taken care of by the “egenanställningsföretag”. In this way, as a “egenanställd” person, you are given greater opportunities to control your work.

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Flexibility combined with security

How we contribute to a better labor market

The association works to increase knowledge about “egenanställning” and thereby clarify the role “egenanställning” plays and may play in the future labor market. We do this, among other things, by monitoring the interests of the “egenanställd”, informing legislators and decision-makers about “egenanställning” and representing “egenanställningsföretag” contacts with authorities and organisations.


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As a member of the association, you are given the opportunity to participate and influence the position of self-employment on the Swedish labor market. Becoming part of our organization also legitimizes your company as a serious actor, for “egenanställd” persons as well as businesses and decision makers. We also offer companies to apply to become authorized, which gives the “egenanställningsföretag” an additional stamp of quality that can be used in marketing.