As a member of the Association, you, as a “egenanställningsföretag”, is given the opportunity to make your voice heard and participate in working for a better labor market.

Our admission processes also ensure the seriousness of our members, which is a valued guarantee of legitimacy for the “egenanställda”, companies and decision-makers.

Who can become a member of the Association?

All companies that meet our membership requirements are welcome to become members of the Association.

Who can be authorized?

All members of the Association can apply to be authorized. An authorization of your company means security for both you and the “egenanställd”.

Becoming a member

The Association welcomes new members who meet the conditions for membership. The application is made by sending an application to info@egenanstallning.org, after which the board makes an assessment as to whether the company can be accepted. The assessment is based on the labor law definition that is the basis for the view on self-employment as well as the membership requirements stipulated in the statutes and authorization conditions. Through the link below you can download the application form or contact us for more information.

Rights and guidelines

An “egenanställningsföretag” has an employment law responsibility and thus needs to manage the obligations that come with such an undertaking.

In practice, this means that the”egenanställningsföretag” has to respond to the Work Environment Act, the Sick Pay Act and the Holiday Act, among other things.